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July 25, 2024
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Livit Apparel features Christian urban apparel for teenagers, toddlers and adults. You will find a wide variety of faith based urban clothing such as popular religious t-shirts, caps, hats, sweatshirts, hooded sweatshirts, hoodies, and other faith gear and accessories. We carry the most affordable and comfortable Christian t-shirts! Browse our selection of tees shirts and see what we can do for you and your ministry.

 - We don’t just talk it, we LIVIT! -

Bass Your Life On Christ $15.99
Click Here for Product Details! Bass Your Life On Christ
Kidz T - Glory Basketball $12.99
Click Here for Product Details! Give it all you've got, and give the glory to God!
Drumsticks - Stick With Jesus Black $9.99
Click Here for Product Details! Made from real Maple, these 5A drumsticks are embellished with our "Stick with Jesus" logo.


Adult t-shirts 

 Witness Wrist Bands
Witness Band 



Livit Apparel designs are selected by teenagers of faith who have a special gift for fashion and design. No matter what you thought before, you can be SAVED and fly at the SAME TIME! It’s time to let people know!

We offer custom designed t-shirts for those looking to offer t-shirts for events such as family fun days, picnics, fund raisers and business needs. These tees make for a delightful and perfect Christian gift for any occasion. Take a look at our urban apparel and accessories and see for yourself!

The world today has some of us caught up in brand messages and celebrity agendas. But we know that there is only ONE lifestyle for us - walking with the Lord! Livit Apparel allows us as children of God to fashionably announce loud and proud who we represent and why!

- We don’t just talk it, we LIVIT! -